Our Evergreen soy wax melt is a scent that is perfect for the autumn and winter months. This seasonal scented wax melt will fill your home with a wonderful aroma most often found at Christmas time while sitting around the tree with with your family. A great scent to help chase away the blues when the summer sun has started to disappear. With its pretty green colouring this wax melt will not only smell amazing but look the part too.

• Handmade Soy Wax Melt

• Releases fragrance up to 100 hours

• Hand Poured in the UK

• Recyclable plastic container with lid

• Approx 110g

Our signature Cosy Pod soy wax melts are packed full with 110 grams of highly scented soy wax. Each of our Cosy Pods burn for approximately 100 hours making your house smell amazing. These are perfect for topping up your wax melts collection. These are £5.99 direct with Cosy, but just £5.50 with us!!

How to use your Cosy Pod wax melts

There are 2 popular methods; either cut your 110g soy wax melt into 6 equal pieces and use a smaller piece at a time, or simply scoop some wax out with a spoon. Keep remelting the wax until the scent is gone or until you fancy a change, at which point just soak up the used wax with a tissue and replace with another!

Evergreen Large Pod Wax Melt - 110g